Yoruba Movie Industry

The Yoruba movie industry like other genre of the Nigerian movie industry is witnessing a turn-around that is sure to place the industry in good stead in the larger movie industry. Some years back, no Yoruba movie was complete or good enough if the faces of some top artistes were missing. Then, a comedy movie without the face of Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe) and epic without Lere Paimo (Eda Onileola) was most likely to end up in the trash bin.In the same way, serious movies without the faces of Bayo Salami (Oga Bello), Yinka Quadri, Taiwo Hassan, amongst several others was considered unmarketable. Yes, give it to them. They were about the best in the trade and they gave their best churning out one blockbuster after another.The ladies too were not left out. Women like Mama Rainbow, Lanre Hassan (Iya Awero), Orisabunmi were top of the list for choice roles.

However, the tide has changed. Today, we have a new set of artistes who wow their fans with superlative performances that is gradually easing away the memories of the older artistes from the consciousness of the movie watching public.Top of the list of the new kids on the block are younger men like Yomi Fashlanso, Funsho Adeolu, Muyiwa Ademola Saheed Balogun, Bolaji Amusan (Baba Latin), Yemi Solade, to list a few. The ladies have an even longer list. Few among them are Opeyemi Ayeola, Lola Alao, Foluke Daramola and Bukky Wright.However, one particular feature of these young men and women is the level of their education. Most, if not all are university or polytechnic graduates. The consensus among movie aficionados is that education has played a major role in the emergence of these new kids on the block.

Yemi Solade:
With a good physique and a command of both Yoruba and English languages, Yemi has proved that he is indeed an all-round actor. Also, his ability to interpret roles has won him hordes of fans. A good example is Yemi’s role as a Ghanaian immigrant in “Madam Dearest”.Yemi Solade’s other hit appearances include N150 million and Awenibaku.

Mr. Latin:
This Abeokuta, Ogun State-based comedian has almost taken the shine off the other Yoruba movie comedians. His ability to make you laugh without necessarily going to the extreme has endeared him to many.Other reason his fans claim they love him is his subtle manner of interpreting difficult roles. Mr. Latin is sure going to make you laugh any day. A pip into his role in the flick entitled: ‘Sondoko” tells the story of a good interpreter of roles.Among Latin’s several other good flicks are Imported Lomo, Pink Lady, Obaj’oba lo and Sondoko.

Yomi Fashlanso:
Yomi has several things in common with Yemi Solade. Young, handsome and good command of both English and Yoruba languages put him in good stead for movie roles.He belongs to the new class of emerging force in the Yoruba movie industry that is crying for positive change.This force, though not known to many, is gradually bringing its idea of a good industry to bear on the industry. Olokada Iboji.

Muyiwa Ademola:
Muyiwa Ademola belongs to the class of the younger generation of Yoruba artistes that are gradually taking over both production and acting aspects of the industry from the older generation.With a good feature that makes him one of the toasts of the industry’s young ladies, Muyiwa has been able to merge his knowledge of production into good role interpretation. His emergence on the scene few years ago received a good stamp with a five star performance in movies like Ori, Ile amongst several others.

Saheed Balogun:
Saheed Balogun remains one of the few young men who has been able to blend together roles in both modern and epic movies. Saheed’s performance in a soap opera few years ago, his ability to drum and dance has proved that he is an all-round artiste.Married to a fellow artiste, Saheed’s good command of ancient Yoruba dialect means he fits in squarely into epic movies. Handsome and educated, Saheed has acted in roles that are too numerous to mention. He has acted the role of thug, drunkard, cultist, and banker to mention a few.He belongs to ranks of the younger generation that are presently dictating the pace in the industry. Among Saheed’s hit movies are Omo Alhaja, Mafikangbakan and Oju Ina.

Funso Adeolu:
Funso’s story is not in any way different from that of the other emerging young forces in the industry. His good command of the English language has come handy in movies with modern theme.

Bukky Wright:
Bukky, with little doubt, is presently on top of her world. From the time she burst into limelight with A-list performance in Saworoide and Agogo Eewo, this petit lady has churned out goods movies to the delight of her fans.To prove her mettle as an all-round artiste, Bukky’s role in television soap, Super Story was the icing on the cake of a solid career. She has used her petit stature to several good advantages, with roles as student, young girl etc.

Opeyemi Ayeola:
Yemi is no doubt the leader of the pack among the younger female artiest, judging by the number of roles she has played in recent movies. One particular attribute of this young lady is her total dedication and ability to interpret roles.Though still single, Opeyemi, most times has acted as wife and mother in Madam Dearest and Iyawo Panda deserves accolades from movie buffs.In Madam Dearest, she proved beyond any reasonable doubt that she belongs to the A-list of actresses in the Yoruba movie industry. Few of her works include Iyawo Panda, Ige Adubi.

Foluke Daramola:
As a graduate of International Relations, Foluke, from the onset was equipped for a life in the soap box. She is one of the few Yoruba artistes who started out with the English genre before crossing over to Yoruba.Today, Foluke is getting popular by the day. Her roles in movies like Lehin Odun Mewa, Final Year mean the mother of one has a bright future in the industry.

Lola Alao:
Heavily endowed Lola is one of the new faces in the Yoruba movie world. Her profile has remained on a steady rise since emerging on the scene few years ago. This new found status is no doubt rubbing off on her personality.

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